domenica 19 febbraio 2012

Making and Mollie Makes Magazine

I just discovered in the supermarket two great magazines, full of ispirations for my little ideas.

Making and Mollie Makes

The are both lovely made ( I love even the type of paper they use ) and feature beautiful pictures.
I found useful to read about other talents stories, because even if I just started these stories help me  to believe that the love for sewing,crafting and cooking can led to a proper profession.

Since I stepped in my friend Elizabeth workshop at her house last december, I felt the urge to create.
It's like a all new word opened in front of my eyes, I felt like a new life inside of me, a beautiful sensation.
I don't know yet if it will make a living but what I know is that I enjoy so much and if I can call it "work" it will be a dream came true.

Next saturday there is another Top Sales in a church not far from my house,I'm so exited!
I got so many things that I want to make, let's hope that I will have the time :-)

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